z4root 1.3.0 – ROOT to Android

z4root is an application that will allow you to get the superuser rights (they are necessary for some applications to work and access to some functions) in one click! But it only works on older versions of Android.

Features and capabilities:

  • Works on devices with android 2.1-2.2.1 (sometimes works on older versions)
  • The possibility of obtaining “Temporary” and “Permanent” ruth-rights
  • Ability to remove root-rights

Photo # 1 from the z4root program

How to use z4root:

  1. Download and install the .apk application file
  2. Install and run
  3. Select “Temporary root” – if you need a permanent root, otherwise choose “Permanent Root” – this will give you a root before rebooting the device.

Tip: If you only need root rights once, for example, to set Freedom, select Permanent Root.

Important to know: Any application for obtaining ROOT-rights contains the code for modding the Android system, so it can be defined as a virus.
The application received 43/57 antivirus operations  according to Virustotal  data, our editor checked it for motorola milestone – the application is safe!
Advantages and disadvantages

+ superuser rights in one click;
+ You can get root on a temporary basis (until the next reboot);
+ built-in function to delete root-rights;
– works for older versions of android (2.1-2)

How to install the application on Android from the apk file? 4 ways of installation.

Unlike iOS and other closed systems, Android developers have provided the ability to install a variety of applications independently, without the participation of the Google Play Store and other content stores. Having an .apk file on your hands, you can install a paid application yourself, without paying a cent for it. 

” Why do I need to install myself using .apk files? ” You ask, and then that not all applications are on the Google Play Store, and most of them are paid and worth the money. All applications for Android have .apk extensions – in fact it is a kind of archive, the contents of which can be viewed by any archiver.

Where to begin?

The first action you need to perform is to allow installation of applications from unknown sources, go Settings -> Settings -> Applications / Application Settings and check the Unknown Sources check box and click OK.

1. Install applications using the file manager

After this simple action, you can copy the .apk file to the SD card of your phone. Next, to install the application, you can use any file manager that recognize and understand apk files. 

Start the file manager, find the apk file, tap on it and install the application using the standard Android installer.

2. Install applications using the application manager

In addition, to simplify the procedure for installing applications for Android, there are special programs – application managers . One such program is SlideME Mobentoo App Installer [4.63 MB] .

This popular Android application manager will automatically scan your smartphone’s SD card for the presence of apk files and help you quickly, in a single click, install the required application. Is not it convenient?

3. Install applications using your computer and USB

However, the most convenient way to install applications for Android is by connecting the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable. For this, you will need the InstallAPK program [0.8 MB]  and the USB drivers [3.13 MB] . Install it on your computer, do not forget about the drivers, connect your smartphone via USB cable and double click on the apk file.

InstallAPK will automatically identify the apk file and run the application installation on your Android phone. You will only need to agree with the installation of the application and click the “Install” button.

4. Other ways to install applications for Android

In case you do not want to install any additional programs, then you can install the application from apk files in an old, old-fashioned way. Run the standard Android browser and enter the following link in the address bar of the browser and the installation will start automatically:

content: //com.android.htmlfileprovider/sdcard/FileName.apk

This method is not very convenient, and is suitable for those who install programs for Android quite rarely.


In this article, we have tried to describe all the ways we know how to install an application for Android from apk files. In case you know other ways of installing programs – write us about them in the comments and we will necessarily include these methods in this article. Stay with us.